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Newhaven School


Student Voice

Working in partnership with our students is very important to us at Newhaven School.

We recognise that the needs and concerns of the students are forever evolving. As a result, we must constantly reflect upon the practice and policies that shape school life. Student consultation is essential to this end.

We believe our approach empowers the students to realise their opinions matter, that they can influence change and that they are part of an inclusive community. The student voice strategy endeavours to bring about greater engagement and make students more reflective and responsible members of the school and society at large.


Students are afforded a chance to have their say in fortnightly mentor meetings. During these sessions students can sit informally with their mentors and discuss how things are going. They often share things that they like about the school and things that they would change. These are then shared with the wider staff body and inform both the surveys we perform and the agenda for the Student Council (SC). 

Student Survey

Surveys are performed biannually and allow the students to give anonymous feedback on the day-to-day running of the school. We also ask students which learning experiences have had the most impact on them so that we can reflect on what engages students. We also ask students whether there are activities or opportunities that they would like to try. The surveys will often highlight important topics for the SC.

Student Council

The SC meets twice per term. We often use the SC to elicit views on proposed changes to school policies and pressing issues for the present cohort. There are always tabled agenda items followed by an open discussion where members of the council can table matters that are significant to them. Many good ideas have been taken on and embedded into wider school practice as a result of the SC. Recently the meetings have brought about change to the uniform, the use of mobile phones, school dinners and the behaviour management policy of the school.

Student Interview Panel

All prospective members of staff at Newhaven School are subject to questioning by the student panel. This is largely an ad hoc selection of students who prepare questions for the candidates. They feed back to the pastoral managers and the Head teacher. Their views are always carefully considered in the appointment of a new member of staff.