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Student/Parent Partnership

Dear parent / carer

It is clear that in looking at this page your child is either about to attend Newhaven or is already attending. This section of the website is all for you and your child to understand some of the ways we work here at Newhaven and what our school is like. Hopefully it answers all your questions.

For many, being referred to Newhaven can be a worry; it normally follows an exclusion or referral due to mainstream education being unable to meet your child’s needs. For some it can be quite distressing and some kind of a failure. We don’t see it that way. We are a PRU that operates in many of the same ways as a mainstream school – uniform, high academic and behavioural expectations, a curriculum that matches most mainstream schools – and we take huge pride in the quality of our staff, the quality of our teaching and the outcomes we provide our students. 

The majority of students who join us improve their attendance, want to come to school, make good friends, have positive relationships with adults and most importantly, leave us with qualifications and a route to further education and employment. We are not the end of the road, we are the beginning of a new route and we are very proud of our students and who we are.

One of the ways we ensure success is to build positive working relationships with you. We see these as three points of a triangle that make sure your child is successful; you, your child and the school. Alone we will struggle to be a success, working together means the path to improvement and success is made much easier. We will be in contact with you regularly - daily if needs be – in order to keep you up to date with your child’s progress and work as a team. It must be said that should we find it difficult to contact you and work with you that we will access the same support any school would access, especially when it comes to attendance to school.

We look forward to building a positive working relationship with you and working together to make sure your child can be successful in school and in life.


Below you will find the Parent, Student and Exam surveys taken by our Students and Parents.

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