Newhaven School

Newhaven School


School Uniform

Newhaven has its own unique uniform. This consists of a school jumper and tie, both of which are provided to you when you join the school

The rest of the uniform consists of:

  • Black trousers, leggings or skirts (black jeans are allowed)
  • White shirt Trainers (preferably black) are acceptable as footwear
  • Your tie must be worn at all times during the school day
  • The school jumper is the only jumper that is allowed to be worn inside the school building.
  • External coats are to be removed once inside the building.
  • Hooded tops are not acceptable.
  • Hats/caps are not acceptable inside the school building and you will be asked to remove them
  • We expect students to take pride in their appearance and staff will remind you to adjust clothing accordingly.
  • Therefore, excessive visibility of underwear above the trouser line will be addressed!