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Dear Parents/Carers

I'd like to start by wishing you all well and thanking you and our staff for all the effort that is going in to supporting your children at this time. I'm wondering if any of you would be interested in a job after all this now you've tried your hand at teaching?


As you are aware, we are running holiday school over Easter from 9-1.30 each weekday, including the bank holidays. Some children have signed up for this and we look forward to welcoming them. If you can remind them please, we will be expecting them to keep their distance from staff and each other in school and to wash hands regularly. 


If you are opting to stay at home, we are not expecting students to complete any work but they can if it helps and they are into it. We will still be phoning home once or twice a week just to check if everything is ok and offer support as we can. If you want to get in touch with us then the King's Park switchboard will be open daily from 8.30-1.30 on 020 8465 6290. Please remember that you can contact the Greenwich Covid 19 support hub on the number or email address below. 


We are currently finalising our plans for next term and will get these to you as soon as possible.


Yours faithfully


Jon Kelly (Headteacher)
New guidance published 29th March
Covid-19 Support
Greenwich Borough Council have set up a community hub of volunteers that offer support to vulnerable residents. Details below show support offered and contact details for you to phone or email to request support.

To get help

If you need help because you are vulnerable and self-isolating, and have not got a family member, friend or neighbour who can help, our volunteers could provide support with:

  • collecting / delivering prescriptions
  • delivering essential food packages
  • connecting you to local community services.

Contact us to request support:


Phone: 0800 470 4831​

Update - 27.03.20

Dear Parents/Carers,


I hope this message finds you well at this worrying time. I've  been pleased with the positive messages that we have had on contact with many of you but I am also very aware that this is a stressful time for all and that being locked down at home with the family can become very difficult. With this in mind, we will be staying open over the Easter break so that children can access school if necessary to support with their emotional wellbeing, or to allow you to continue in keyworker jobs.


Week beginning 30/03/20:  Newhaven Gardens will be open for students who absolutely need to come to school from 9am-1.30pm.  During this week, we will close King's Park completely to allow us to give it a deep clean so it is safe to open for the two weeks of the Easter period. Staff will continue to contact you at home to check everything is ok during this period.


Weeks beginning 6/04/20 and 13/04/20: King's Park will be open for any Newhaven students who need to come to school from any of our sites again from 9-1.30. We are not expecting many students so please let mentors and tutors know next week if you expect your child to be coming in. This will help us to plan for numbers as staffing is very tight for us currently.


We intend to open both sites after Easter depending on government guidelines and will give you further information about this during the next week or two. Please ring us next week on the Newhaven Gardens number of 0208 859 3114 or talk to your mentor/tutor when they contact you if you have any questions.


Yours Faithfully


Jon Kelly (Headteacher)


Update - 15.04.20


Dear parent/carers,


Newhaven remains open for all students where staying at home is not an option during this time. The government have advised us that home is the safest place for children but  if you cannot look after them due to work commitments in key industries or because we have agreed that it is better for them to be at school, then they are more than welcome.

We continue for now with the normal school day but will be shifting to plan C from next Monday 30/03/20. We will also be calling each day from tomorrow to check everything is ok.

Work packs for those of you who do not have access to the internet and food vouchers for those entitled or in need will start arriving in the next couple of days. Again, we are here to support in any way we can during this difficult time. Please get in touch if you have any concerns or general enquiries.


Jon Kelly

Jon Kelly (Head teacher)




Update - 01.05.20




Dear Parent/Carer,


I hope this letter finds you well. I would also like to start by thanking the staff who continue to work hard to support you as best we can. Please let them know during your regular contacts if you have any concerns we can help with. I am writing to you to update you on the latest developments at school:


Week Beginning 04/05/20


We will remain open from Monday-Thursday. We will shut the school on bank holiday Friday the 8th but will be available if really necessary. Please discuss with your mentor or tutor when they call. Going forward, things currently will remain as they have been until we receive any further instructions from the government. We are open. Government guidance remains that your children should remain at home and not come to school unless you are a key worker and have no one to care for them while you work or your child is vulnerable and staying at home is becoming too difficult for them or you. Please let us know if these circumstances apply to you.


Exam grades for this year's year 11 and 6th form.

We are currently calculating the most likely grades your child would have got for their exams based on evidence we have such as mock results, quality of classwork, evidence from previous schools, previous exam results and the like. We will be submitting these to the exam boards at some time from the 31st May. These will be the fairest grades we can give and we are not allowed to tell you what they are. Results day will be in August as previously planned.


Results day and leaver's do


We would love to organise a celebration for students that are leaving Newhaven this year but will have to wait and see how the lock down situation has changed before we can plan anything.


Yours faithfully,


Jon Kelly Head Teacher04.05.20




Update 15/05/20
Dear Parents/Carers,
Once again, I hope this message finds you well. We have been developing new plans for the school for after half term following the Prime Minister's announcement last Sunday. The messages for schools like us were limited but we are currently planning a phased return across the second half of the Summer Term. During this return we will be prioritising safety for students and staff by introducing social distancing procedures and processes that will reduce the risk of transmitting Covid-19 but we will not be able to get rid of that risk. We will be relying on you to monitor your children for symptoms and then seek testing if they have them. Positive tests of students or staff will result on classes and the staff involved social isolating for 14 days. More on this to follow. In the mean time:
Week beginning 18/05: business as usual: school will continue as it has been with both sites open. Students at home should continue with remote learning and contact with school will continue as it has been. 
Week beginning 25/05: school shut for half term. I have decided to shut for two main reasons. Firstly, staff have been working incredibly hard without a break since mid February. They need a rest. Secondly, this will give us a chance to deep clean the school, including an anti-viral fogging. We will have some staff at Newhaven Gardens site from 9-1 on Wednesday of half term if students or parents need to see us, pick up some food or ring in for any support. We will also continue to send out food vouchers during this period. Please talk to your tutors or mentors if you have any worries about how this closure will affect you.
Week beginning 01/06: business as usual: school will continue as it has been with both sites open. Students at home should continue with remote learning and contact with school will continue as it has been. 
Week beginning 08/06: phased re-opening begins: we will give you information as soon as we can and hopefully by next Friday. We are currently planning but also awaiting the outcomes of meetings between the government and unions and further guidance from both the government and Greenwich.
Once again, hope you are all well and please take care.
Yours Faithfully​
Jon Kelly (Headteacher)