Newhaven School

Newhaven School


QEH School

Newhaven is also responsible for the Hospital school Room at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich. The school room is situated in the Safari Children’s Ward close to the entrance of the ward. We offer teaching to inpatients from 5-17years of age.


 The school room is a friendly, vibrant learning environment sensitive to the young person’s current condition and limitations.  We follow the national curriculum and offer excellent access to a range of learning activities and resources.

The school is staffed by experienced staff: teacher, Ms Heather Damons and LSA, Carly Fordham. School staff form part of the morning ward round, during which we assess which part of our service will best suit the young person.

Children and young people who are well enough to leave the ward can attend the schoolroom, where they can do their own work or follow our enriched curriculum.  Patients who cannot leave the ward are offered interesting learning activities to complete on the ward, or can be taught at the bedside by arrangement.

 Participating in hospital school life helps to minimise the educational disruption for the young person and plays an important role in reducing anxiety by maintaining the young person’s normal routine as much as possible during their stay.

Our timetable is flexible to accommodate the needs of the young people. Maths, Science, English and Art content for KS1 to KS4 students are prioritised and organised around themed weeks and personalised learning designed to allow students to choose a task suited to their ability, interest as well as how they feel.  We structure learning around themes like Superheroes, Special Occasions, Healthy Eating and The World in order to make learning fun as well as meaningful.  

We also help with the process of re-integrating young people back into their home schools after they have been discharged, in order to ensure that the young person’s educational needs are met on their return to school.