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Welcome to Newhaven Educational Support Team (NEST)


Please see NEST Panel dates for academic year 2020/21:

22nd September 2020
            Deadline: 15th September 2020
24th November 2020
            Deadline: 17th November 2020   
19th January 2021
            Deadline 12th January 2021
2nd March 2021
            Deadline 23rd February 2021
4th May 2021
            Deadline 27th April 2021
15th June 2021
            Deadline 8th June 2021



Newhaven Educational Support educates secondary students who are unable to attend mainstream school due to psychological health or physical conditions. If students are too ill to attend school at all due to medical reasons, they receive Outreach teaching in their homes. Our aim is to minimise disruption to students’ lives by continuing education as normally as the student’s illness allows. This means that we engage their mainstream school in creating a plan to address the student’s needs, and work towards reintegration into their mainstream school if this is possible and appropriate.  We firmly believe that mainstream school is the best place for all students, if at all possible.  If return to mainstream is not possible, then we support through a broad and balanced curriculum and staff who have expertise in a wide range of physical and psychological health needs.  We then re-integrate students into Post 16 education or training. Newhaven staff work closely with mainstream school, medical staff, Social Care, and have an especially close relationship with CAMHS.

Educational Support

Newhaven offers all students the chance to study English, Maths, Science, a Humanities subject, a Technology or Arts subject, ICT and PSHE. Some students may undertake studies at their mainstream school, if this is appropriate. Externally accredited exams and/or qualifications are offered in all subjects. These include GCSE, BTEC and AQA awards. All courses lead to externally accredited exams which are GCSEs or equivalent.  We plan which subjects are studied and what support is needed with the student and their family, to ensure that they have the qualifications they need to move forward in their lives.


Building students' resilience is a fundamental part of the NEST curriculum. This has included off site activities such as rock climbing and forest school. We also work in partnership with outside agencies to provide a range of resilience based workshops.