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At Newhaven King’s Park we are fully committed to the Newhaven ethos and so believe in providing opportunities for students to become independent and well-rounded individuals ready to embrace all that life has to offer. We recognise that people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions are often disadvantaged in society and pledge to work hard to give our young people both the skills and abilities they need to get on in life but also to give them and their families the voice to speak out against inequality.

As staff we know it’s a privilege to work with our young people and we strive to recognise, nurture and develop the individual strengths and talents that our students have. This website can only ever provide a flavour of who we are and what we do. Please feel welcome as potential students, parents or professionals to contact us so you can find out more. I look forward to hearing from you.


Jon Kelly (Head of Campus)

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King’s Park is a secondary ASD DSP provision (11-19 years) attached to Newhaven School based on a single specialist site for children who have a diagnosis of ASD in the context of mental health which may lead to challenging behaviour. The provision is designed to meet the needs of children with complex mental health needs who have not managed/will not manage within a busy mainstream school setting. The school has a broad curriculum, including the national curriculum that is tailored to their individual needs.  Admission is by panel consisting of  the school, the local authority SEND section, the ASD outreach service and Educational Psychology service. The panel considers evidence of an ASD diagnosis, evidence of on-going input from CAMHS and a mental health diagnosis, which suggests that a specialist environment is needed, evidence of on-going input from the ASD Outreach Service, which suggests that more intensive specialist ASD input is needed, evidence of personal learning plans showing specialist ASD interventions have been put in place and that progress has not been made, recent SALT evidence and anything else relevant. There are generally 7 places a year in year 7 and 6 or 7 places a year joining the 6th form. There are also a few mid-year entries in different year groups when students have left.


Admissions Process You can express a preference for your child to attend a DSP during the EHC needs assessment, annual review processes or at secondary transfer. An application form will need to be completed. Applications will be considered by a termly Admissions Panel. Places for year 7 Pupils will also be considered by the Admissions Panel in the Autumn Term.




We believe that all of our students have the right to access a broad curriculum, including the national curriculum that is tailored to their individual needs. At King’s Park the three foci for the curriculum are academic development, social communication skills and emotional regulation. We recognise that students need to be in the right place emotionally to learn and need the right skills to communicate their learning in order to make the fastest possible progress. Each student has an individual learning plan which focuses on their needs and ambitions as well.  

The school day is broken down into 5 lessons of 50-60 minutes each but these are further broken down into shorter blocks of time as the needs of the student demand. Students in KS3 and 4 spend most of their lessons in their tutor base to minimise anxieties and other problems around transitions. They then move where specialist resources are needed such as the Food Technology room or Science lab. Quiet rooms, 1 to 1 rooms and sensory rooms are also available for students who need them through the day and use of these is built into lesson times.

Key Stage 3

The key stage three curriculum offers all the usual subjects of English, Maths, Science, Arts and Technology, Humanities and PSHE, Computing and Physical Education. We also offer social communication and emotional regulation classes as well as having a particular focus on Literacy and Lifeskills with regular educational visits such as Forest School. This is the timetable for our current year 9s:  

Key Stage 4

The key stage four curriculum follows the same principles as key stage 3 but offers certified academic qualifications which match the needs of the cohort. This year in year 10 , we are offering GCSEs courses in English, Maths, Science, Art (photography) and preparation for working life as well as a level 2 qualification in ICT. Some students will also sit an English literature GCSE and functional skills English and Maths. This curriculum currently meets the needs of the whole cohort but as the school expands we will be able to offer more diversity in learning pathways for our students. GCSE and other options will change regularly to reflect the needs of the students. 

Key Stage 5

The key stage 5 curriculum is above all focussed on preparing students for the next stages of their lives so they can access further education, university, work or other provisions suited to their needs and aspirations. We currently offer two main learning pathways and a number of individual programmes.

6th Form Curriculum Guide

6th Form Guide

Blue Pathway

The blue learning pathway is for students who come to us from KS4 with qualifications ranging from entry level to level 1. It includes a BTEC Workskills,  ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness, English, Maths and enrichment activities such as travel training and PE.

Green Pathway

The green pathway is for students who leave KS4 with 5 good passes at GCSE including English and maths and currently consists of Media AS, Sociology AS and enrichment activities. We also have students piloting on line learning including Diplomas in law and creative writing. 


Individual Pathways

As well as the pathways above, students have individual learning activities that they can pursue. We aim to be as flexible as possible. These include:


  • College placements: this year students have been placed on courses in general building skills and animal care.
  • Extended Work Experience: students take on work placements over an extended period of time for a day a week. We currently have these running both inside the school and with outside placements.
  • Online learning: as outlined above.


IAG (Information Advice and Guidance)


Students receive impartial advice and guidance from our careers advisor and develop their ideas for the next step of their lives through weekly tutorials with their class tutor.

Therapeutic Services

Therapy is key to the success of many of our students and we currently offer CAMHS, SALT, Educational Psychology and Music Therapy on site. We will have Art Therapy from early next year. As well as buying in these services ourselves we also work closely with therapists in the community who often have sessions with students and families on site. If you are interested in and feel that your child has a need to access additional services then please contact Kate Grimaldi (Pastoral Manager) at the school.


Most policies at King’s Park are the same as those for the whole of Newhaven School. Please see the main school website for these. Where they need to be different to relate to the particular needs of the King’s Park cohort, links to them are found below. 

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Behaviour Policy

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