Newhaven School

Newhaven School


Ethos and Values

Our core purpose:

Newhaven School believes in providing opportunities for students to become independent and well-rounded individuals ready to embrace all that life has to offer.

We aim to provide 'achievement and enjoyment through learning' and are proud of our reputation in providing suitable education for young people with a wide range of needs who are not in mainstream education. We work hard to ensure that we provide a safe and very supportive environment which is able to give an inclusive and personalised education to suit the needs of the learner, and give our young people the best possible life chances.


In achieving this we want all students:

  • to build resilience so they can overcome adversity;
  • to take responsibility for their actions;
  • to be reflective, independent learners;
  • to be resourceful, taking advantage of the help and support available;
  • to be respectful and value the differences and cultures of others;
  • to be happy;
  • to achieve regardless of ability;
  • to be inspired by their experiences and motivated to work hard;
  • to aspire to have the best careers;
  • to know what they are good at and how to improve their skills;
  • to learn and socialise in a clean, tidy, fresh feeling school;
  • to feel a sense of pride and respect for their school and local community;
  • to participate fully in the wider local, national and international community.








For everyone to succeed in Newhaven’s learning community we are relentlessly focused on these non-negotiable expectations:

  • staff listen to students to ensure that they are at the centre of all that we do;
  • high quality teaching is the key to ensuring students are successful in school;
  • all students can achieve;
  • all lessons should be at least good;
  • all behaviour should be at least good;
  • staff are responsible for improving their own professional development;
  • the curriculum will meet the needs of the students;
  • progress is monitored thoroughly so we can intervene as needed to ensure students achieve success;
  • we mark books regularly and ensure that the feedback and dialogue generated supports students in making rapid progress.

British Values

Newhaven champions the concepts of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of all faiths and beliefs. We actively promote these values, challenging opinions or behaviours in our school that are contrary to fundamental British / Moral values.

Through our behaviour policy (built around the 5Rs), the provision of SMSC in mentoring and throughout our curriculum, Assemblies, our links with local community police, drop down PSHE days and school trips we aim to:


  • Enable students to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Enable students to distinguish right from wrong and to respect English law 
  • Encourage students to accept responsibility for their behaviour, show initiative, and contribute positively to society
  • Enable students to acquire a broad general knowledge of, and respect for, English public institutions and services
  • Enable students to appreciate and respect their own and other cultures 
  • Inform pupils about the strengths, advantages and disadvantages of democracy, and how democracy and the law works in Britain, in contrast to forms of government in other countries
  • Enable democratic processes such as our Student Voice with members voted for by the pupils 
  • Hold mock elections to give pupils opportunities to learn how to argue and defend points of view 
  • Use a wide variety of sources to help pupils understand a range of faiths