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Curriculum Offer


The curriculum offer at all the Newhaven schools is broad and tries to provide similar opportunities for students as they would experience in mainstream. Inevitably, these opportunities are limited by our size but our ambition to provide students with the qualifications they need to move on to the next steps in their lives are not. The curriculum is underpinned by the following aims:

Curriculum Aims

  • Has the highest of aspirations so that students become the greatest they can be.
  • An inclusive curriculum allowing all success
  • Includes progress and accreditation in literacy, numeracy and communication.
  • Gardens NEST: Promotes the 5-Rs: resilience, resourcefulness, responsibility, reflectiveness and respect.
  • KP: Develops learning skills, emotional regulation, social communication and independence so that students can engage fully with society in adult life.
  • Develops students’ resilience through the elements of play, psych education and is informed by trauma so they can develop as healthy, engaged individuals.
  • Allows for a range of progression routes including the best possible chance of a return to mainstream.
  • Provides the widest possible range of memorable, life affirming experiences.
  • Links students to their communities at a local national and global scale.
  • Takes advantage of changes in the job market.
  • Develops students socially, morally and spiritually.
  • Gives students the skills to become independent learners by giving them responsibility for their learning
  • Develops creativity and the skills associated with creativity
  • Develops the skills required to be independent and to access mainstream educational and work opportunities.


KS3 Gardens and NEST

All students in KS3 at our Gardens and NEST sights follow the same curriculum with the number of lessons in each subject shown in the table below.

KS4: Gardens

In year 10 and 11 in Gardens, students either study in the Vocational or the Academic block. In the vocational block, they have the opportunity to attend college for one day a week and will have a range of compulsory and option subjects. In the academic block you will spend more time studying the core and will have a range of GCSEs to choose from.  All students study the core and then choose three options, one from each block. In the core, students will study English and Maths qualifications which are suitable to their aptitudes and abilities. Students in our Focus provision will have a curriculum that is personalised to their needs.



NEST has a similar curriculum to our Gardens provision with a different option structure as there are less students here.

KS3 King's Park

At KS3 in King’s Park, students are either taught in a primary style class where they have one teacher for most things or they are taught in a more secondary style class with a range of teachers. This depends on their needs and how secondary ready they are on arrival. We find that some students really benefit from the consistency of having mainly one teacher.

Also, across King’s Park, PSHE sessions are used to promote independence and social communication skills as well as more traditional personal, social and health education.



KS4 King’s Park

In both KS4 and KS5 at King’s Park, students study a core of maths, English, science, PSHE and PE and then choose two options. These options are mixed age groups from year 10-13 to allow students to have a wider choice.


KS5 King’s Park

In KS5 at King’s Park, students study a core of English and Maths (until they reach level 2) as well as PHSE, Enrichment and workskills or financial management. 6th formers also have access to bespoke packages of college placements and work experience to help them move onto the next stage of their lives. Students who stay onto year 14 will access a completely bespoke package.