Newhaven School

Newhaven School




Newhaven provides a holistic range of services for young people in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. As an Alternative Education Provider, our client group are those young people who:

  • Function better as part of a smaller group
  • Need extra attention due to low self-esteem
  • Are school phobic
  • Are victims of crime
  • Have special educational needs
  • Have been excluded or on the brink of exclusion from mainstream provision
  • Are unwilling or unable to engage in mainstream school
  • Are unaccompanied minors for whom English may be a second language
  • Are unable to attend school due to medical needs (Access to Education)

Newhaven aims to:

  • Help each young person discover, develop and realise their full potential
  • Build empowering and enabling relationships with young people
  • Help young people to set and achieve goals
  • Re-engage those disaffected and disengaged from mainstream life
  • Equip young people with life, independent living, employability and key skills
  • Help young people obtain nationally recognised certificates as a gateway to other further education, vocational and employment opportunities
  • Reintegrate back into mainstream school

The curriculum is delivered in conjunction with a varied support package, which engages the student by helping them to overcome barriers to learning and encourages a discovery, development and realisation of potential and talents.

Admissions to Newhaven come through three routes:

The Fair Access Panel (FAP):


Referrals are made to the FAP by departments in Greenwich Children's Services including Admissions, the LACE team and the Inclusion team. The multi-agency FAP, which includes four Head Teachers on rotation, meets fortnightly to discuss the cases presented and to make recommendations regarding educational placements.


Permanently excluded students:

Newhaven are commissioned by Royal Borough of Greenwich to provide education for students who have been permanently excluded from their mainstream school.


Referrals from medical practitioners and consultants:

Referrals are made to NEST from doctors or consultants for all school-aged young people who have medical needs which prevent them attending their mainstream school.

Newhaven also provides education at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and home tuition.

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