Newhaven School

Newhaven School


Safer Schools Officer

For a number of years the Metropolitan Police have seen the benefit of having a close working relationship with schools.


Greenwich borough commit themselves to ensuring all schools have the option of having a Police Officer in every secondary school in the borough and my sole responsibility is Newhaven.


I am permanently based at the school for the safety and security of pupils and staff alike. I am able to intervene at the early stages of any criminal or disorderly behaviour within school and ensure a clear and consistent flow of information between the school and Police.


I aim to forge good relationships with all pupils and parents, allowing me to offer support and advice where appropriate. The majority of students at the school struggle to trust police officers and often have a view that they are ‘out to get them’. I have been able to dispel this myth and show that police are here to help and can be trusted.


I play an active role in the life of the school, arranging and staffing several extra curricular activities and visits, including our yearly expedition to Wales.


Should you wish to contact me, please call:   020 8859 3114 or email