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Inclusion Managers

Inclusion Managers are non-teaching members of staff who work alongside the teaching staff and senior Leadership team.

They are here to support Newhaven students in gaining high levels of attendance, achievement and self-esteem and to move on successfully to further education or employment. We have Inclusion Managers on both sites at Newhaven and these roles are a key part of our provision.

The Inclusion Manager is usually the first contact a parent will have when they are referred to Newhaven. They meet with all new students and their parents or carers, to get a better understanding of their needs, explain how we work and answer any queries.

The Inclusion Managers maintain regular contact with any external agencies working with students, such as CAMHS or Social Care, and they will often be the Newhaven representative at meetings to discuss the student’s progress in and out of school.

Inclusion Managers maintain a close link with the student and their parents or carers throughout their time at Newhaven, promoting their physical and emotional wellbeing and helping remove any barriers preventing them learning.