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House System

The House System

At Newhaven School we operate a house system, which is designed to foster a sense of belonging, promote teamwork and encourage healthy competition. The students wear a coloured tie to signify which house they belong to; Courage, Hope, Justice or Wisdom.

Hi I’m Ms Fuller, I’m a Science teacher at Newhaven School and the head of Justice House. ‘Justice’ is a concern for fairness, peace, and genuine respect for people. I would like my students to endeavour to make the right decisions in and outside of school. If things go wrong then my students should reflect, take responsibility for the situation and put it right. I would like the students in my house to understand the importance of equality; at Newhaven School this means individuals are treated fairly and equally. I expect my students to set a positive example and encourage others to do the right thing.

Hello, I'm Mr. Trebilcook. I'm the Seclusion Manager here at Newhaven School and I am head of Hope House. 'Hope' means: To have an optimistic attitude of mind and to embrace all that life has to offer. I expect the students in my house to be optimistic and approach every lesson with a healthy, positive attitude. I expect the students in my house to be filled with hope and feel secure in the knowledge that every member of staff here is committed to helping them achieve their goals and overcome any barriers they may have educationally and socially.


Hi, I’m Mr Churchill. I'm an English teacher at Newhaven School and the head of Courage House. ‘Courage’ is the ability to do something that frightens you. To be brave enough to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back. I expect the students in my house to approach each and every day with the courage to do their best; to be open to change for the sake of self-improvement. Additionally, I expect my students to have the courage to trust the staff at Newhaven School with their education; facing up to a personal fear in trying different ways of learning. Above all, I expect my students to treat others with respect and be brave enough to put things right if they have gone wrong.

Hi, I’m Miss Beechinor. I’m an English Learning Support Assistant at Newhaven School and the head of Wisdom House. ‘Wisdom’, for me, has two significant meanings: Firstly, knowing what is true and right, and using judgement before acting; secondly, knowledge or learning. I expect the students in my house to demonstrate and develop their wisdom by being self-knowledgeable, sincere and understanding. Additionally, I expect my students to think before they act and be resilient and resourceful learners who remain focused and positive. Above all, I expect them to make considered and wise choices as they work towards their future goals.