Other Professionals

Other Professionals Who Work With Us

At Newhaven, we manage the usual range of additional needs: literacy (reading, vocabulary and comprehension), numeracy, working memory and processing difficulties, ADHD, ASD and mental health difficulties. Staff have regular training on managing these, both in and out of the classroom.

However, we have an additional focus as all of our students have experienced trauma to varying degrees. This has an impact on their ability to build relationships, to concentrate and focus, and thus to reach their potential.

To help us be the best we can, we are working towards becoming a recognised Trauma Informed School – we use empathy and understanding to establish the reasons behind distressed behaviour. We build consistent and positive relationships with students so that they feel emotionally safe, and able to put their energy towards learning and building good peer relationships.

The school regularly works with a team of professionals to help us manage the day to day running of the school, and to help us formulate appropriate interventions to help children and their families overcome barriers to learning. Our team consists of Educational Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Art Therapists, a School Nurse and a Safer Schools Police Officer. Support is highly tailored to the individual student, and monitored through daily debriefs as well as regular Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings.

Please look at our SEND Information Report for more detail on how we can best help your child.