Strike Action 2nd March, 15th and 16th March

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Dear Parents and Carers,

Strike Action 2nd March, 15th and 16th March

As there is no sign of the government moving to resolve the strike action Thursday next week and on the 15th/16th of March Newhaven will have to limit school opening on those days. This is due to the number of staff on strike and the number of staff affected by the closure of their own children’s schools.

Thursday 2nd March: Newhaven will be open for students who need to come to school on, similar to the last strike. Tutors and mentors will check in with you if that applies to your child. For those at home (especially Year 11s and others with exams coming up) , I expect them to do at least a couple of hours work online. Students will have been briefed and they can access google classroom through Google or by using the Remote Learning drop down menu on the top of the school website.

For the Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th March, we will be open for year 11 and post 16 mock exams and expect all those required to attend school for these. Mock timetables for individual students will be in the post in the next day or two. We will also welcome those who have to come to school for their own mental health reasons or if you are unable to provide the appropriate support for them.

I apologise for any difficulty this causes and remain hopeful that a resolution for the dispute can be found soon.

Yours faithfully,

Jon Kelly (Headteacher)
Newhaven School