Newhaven student wins Greenwich poetry competition!

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Newhaven students recently entered the Royal Borough of Greenwich Poetry competition called ‘Choice’ and the English department are very proud to share the entries with you, including one winner in the Key Stage 4 category.

We were particularly impressed by our students’ initiative and creativity and this was shared by the Greenwich School Improvement Advisor (English and Literacy) Lizzie Church who, upon receiving them, wrote back “WOW! These poems are amazing – your students are so talented!”

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have.

Click here to read the poems

Lizzie also wrote:

A huge well done to your students for their amazing entries to the poetry competition. The entries from Newhaven were some of the best we received, in a very competitive field.

Congratulations to Robbie, who we chose as our Key Stage 4 winner! Robbie will receive a £50 book token and certificate – it should be on its way to you soon. Robbie’s poem was excellent: very urgent, passionate and inclusive. Each stanza really packed a punch, and the rhyme scheme and use of repetition helped get the message across in an emotive and powerful way.

We were also impressed by Venice’s poem. It was well-written and intriguing, and the metaphors used were really effective.

Jayden’s poem about fear was also one we considered as a potential winner. It was very powerful, and the use of questioning, second person pronouns and rhyme scheme added to the overall effect wonderfully.

Lastly, we loved Teresa’s poem about Woolwich. It was not related enough to choice to be considered, but I wanted to give it a special mention as it gave us a lovely warm optimistic feeling and we really enjoyed reading it!​