Newhaven Book Beats – May 2021

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Carole Oldfield

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Finding Book Recommendations #1 – Jhalak Prize

Read on to find out how to win a gift copy of one of the Jhalak YA shortlisted books.

Exploring books which are shortlisted for prizes and awards is one way to find new books to try. The Jhalak Prize celebrates books by British and British resident Black and Minority Ethnic writers. In Hindi and many related Northern Indian dialects, Jhalak means ‘glimpse’; brief, often tantalising, piquing curiosity to explore further.

Now there is a second Jhalak award, the Children’s & YA fiction prize. Take a closer look at each book to decide which ones you’ll enjoy. There’s a prestigious list of judges, past and present. Delving into what judges have written might uncover more great books to try.

Receive a copy of one of the 2021 Jhalak shortlisted books, (your choice), by answering these questions about two of this year’s judges in an email to

  1. Which judge has three stories in the book ‘Ladybird Tales of Superheroes’?
  2. Which judge has done these things ‘in past lives’: juggler, kung fu instructor, translator, post office worker?

Finding Book Recommendations #2 – Trailers

Last week I found another way to spend too much time on the internet. I’ve been watching cinematic book trailers. A book trailer is a short video which promotes a book or an author. In words from Film14’s website, “It’s the essence of a book captured in motion.”

Film 14 is a company that makes book trailers. Explore their website to find links to many things book related; authors, reviews, synopses, covers, trailers. Their book trailers are listed by genre. It’s magic, compelling and hypnotic stuff.

So, I feel completely justified because I discover new books while watching mini-films of great quality… two of my favourite story things, films and books. Their showreel is on YouTube.

Finding Book Recommendations #3 – Newhaven School Libraries

newhaven school library penguin books

Just arrived, new books for Gardens and King’s Park libraries

We have just received two boxes of brand new books from Penguin Random House publishers as part of an initiative to encourage more people to consider a career in publishing. They are ready for you to borrow now…

Lots of people ask for help choosing new books. Tastes change as you get older. You might feel like trying something different. Or be coming back to reading after a break. Why not ask me for ideas and suggestions? Our libraries hold over two thousand books between them.

At the moment you’ll find me at Kings Park on Wednesdays and Gardens for the rest of the week.

Finding Book Recommendations #4 – Carnegie 2021 continues

Read on to find out how to win a gift copy of one of the Carnegie shortlisted books.

Last month I said I’d look further at the Carnegie shortlisted books. For May I’ve chosen ‘Run, Rebel’ by Manjeet Mann. We have copies for you to borrow in Gardens and Kings Park libraries.

run rebel cover

In under 50 words: Amber is trapped by her fears and her father’s expectations. She is not even allowed to run, the one thing that makes her feel alive. When Amber does find strength to rebel, she finds the will to free not only herself but others too.

If you feel inspired to write your own stories, the authors of all the shortlisted books set writers’ challenges on their book pages. One, at least, is bound to prompt the author in you. Manjeet Mann’s is a free writing challenge.

Receive a copy of one of the 2021 Carnegie shortlisted books, (your choice), by answering these questions in an email to

  1. In which decade did the author Manjeet Mann grow up?
  2. What is a decade?

You’ll find the answer to question 1 somewhere on the ‘Run, Rebel’ webpage. Look for the section ‘About Manjeet Mann’. You can look up the answer to question 2 in a dictionary online or in the library.

Summary – May 2021 Book Beats Giveaways

Email your answers to me. Remember to use your school Google account to send your email from and send it to

Receive your choice of a book from the 2021 Jhalak or the Carnegie Shortlist.

Maximum one gift per person
Deadline: 31st May 2021. Lucky winners will be notified after half term.
Available for students from all Newhaven sites, learning at home or at school

Enjoy your reading and your writing this month.

Carole, Newhaven School Librarian