Newhaven Book Beats – January 2021

newhaven book beats january 2021

The six shortlisted books given to us by the Royal Society, so we could join the judging panel.

The Newhaven School Library Blog by Carole, School Librarian

Newhaven King’s Park Judges

Last term King’s Park Year 10 students became voters in the Royal Society’s annual Young People’s Science Book Prize.

Our top score of 19 out of 20 was for ‘Gut Garden’ by Katie Brosnan. This book explores the weird world of digestion and microbes. “Right now inside your body, there are trillions of microbes.” “In some ways you are more of a home to microbes than you are a person!”

Our votes will be added to those of schools all over the country. The winner is due to be announced in February 2021. The books are here to borrow. Just see me when I am in your library or email me

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Find out more about the prize and the books here.

Last Month I Read

After seeing an interview with the authors of “Punching the Air”, I wanted to know more about the Exonerated Five. I watched ‘When They See Us’, the Netflix drama series, and ‘When They See Us Now’, the Oprah Winfrey interviews with the director and the five men.

punching the air

I recommend this powerful book but with a warning that it tells a harrowing and haunting story.

See the official book trailer here:

The authors talk about what inspired them here.

Email me if you would like us to buy a library copy:

Some of you worked on ‘shout-outs’ for books last term. Here’s my shout-out for “Punching the Air”:

punching the air shoutout

What We Learned Last Term – Book Skills

National Literacy Trust research says, “Being able to choose a book is an important skill; this has now been included in the KS3 curriculum ‘pupils should be taught to choose and read books independently for challenge, interest and enjoyment’.

Last term we tried out seventeen new books in the Book Buzz Scheme and used six of the ideas in this graphic. Can you think back and remember which one we haven’t tried yet?

how to choose a book