Newhaven Book Beats – December 2020

newhaven book beats december 2020

Thanks to 10N students for this photograph of a mystery teacher reading ‘Max Kowalski Didn’t Mean It’ by Susie Day.

The Newhaven School Library Blog by Carole, the Librarian

Book Buzz draws to a close

As the Book Buzz work comes to a close this term, you’ve photographed staff and students hidden between the covers of some of the seventeen Book Buzz titles.

‘Overleaf, Undercover’ is the new display coming soon to a Newhaven notice board near you. How many hidden Newhaven readers will you be able to identify?

What I plan to read next

I’m planning to read verse novels ‘Long Way Down’ by Jason Reynolds and ‘Gloves Off’ by Louisa Reid over the holidays. We’ll be reading these together in some of the library lessons next term.

Verse novels pack a big punch with sparse, spare words: you won’t be floored by this knock out reading!

For more boxing metaphors try


Email me to let me know what you will be reading next or send me a photo of the book:

Remember to pick up your Book Buzz gift books

All KS3 and Year 10 Gardens and NEST students can pick up their gift book from Gardens library. At Kings Park twenty books have already been given out. If you are a book seeking Year 11, see Carole to check out the swap box or borrow a book from the shelves.

book gifts

Book Buzz gift books being prepared For Gardens’ students