Newhaven Book Beats – Autumn/Winter 2022/23

bookbuzz 2022

2022 Book Buzz Selection

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Carole Oldfield

Students have been asking when the next blog is ready. So here it is, with two new challenges and a chance to grab some new stationary, a book or lucky dip.

Book Tasting with Book Buzz 2022

KS3 classes have been exploring the autumn ‘Book Buzz’ box of seventeen new titles from Book Trust. Find out more about each one by clicking here.

In library classes we explored the books and chose favourites. We listened to authors give a short ‘pitch’ about their book, analysed the covers and blurb and read short extracts. Then we gave scores. The favourite this year was ‘You are a Champion’ by Marcus Rashford.

Young People’s Science Book Prize 2022

royal society young people's book prize

The Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize shortlist for 2022

Students across the year groups have also been judging science books. Each year at Newhaven we form a panel to decide the best science book for young people that year. The Royal Society send us the six shortlisted books and we submit our scores and comments online.

We use science and library lessons to explore the books and judge them on 4 criteria:

  • Ease of reading
  • Interest
  • Look and feel
  • Inspiration

The Newhaven School overall winner this year is ‘If the World was 100 People’ written by Jackie McCann and illustrated by Aaron Cushley. The national winner will be announced on 7th March 2023.

Students comment…

Microbe Wars by Gill Arbuthnott, illustrated by Marianna Madriz
“I liked how they used loads of different colours, pictures and images. I didn’t like how much information they have put all on the same page. It seems too much for 8-10 year olds to read all at once.” (Romany, Year 11)

If the World were 100 people’ by Jackie McCann, illustrated by Aaron Cushley
“This book shows 8 billion people represented as a 100, and describers common things about us. I love how it describes issues about us in a manner everyone can understand. It doesn’t say what we can do about those issues.” (Nylah, Year 8)

‘Fantastically Great Woman Scientists and their Stories’ by Kate Pankhurst
“It’s a good and informative book that gives women credit for amazing things they did in science.”
(Annalise, Year 8)

Green fingers for Blu

Year 11 student Blu is a gardener. He suggested we need books to help identify plants. So we bought ten books to share between the Newhaven libraries. One of our Arts Award students at Gardens has already borrowed some to inspire her floral art work.

Blu recommends ‘How to Create Your Garden’ by Adam Frost because it begins with planning and hard landscaping and goes through the whole process with photographs. And I like this book because it starts with sitting down and using your senses to ‘Get to know your space’.

how to create your garden cover

get to know your space

Adam Frost’s ‘How to Create Your Garden’ is now in Kings Park Library

World Book Day UK Sneak Peak…

world book day 2023

2023 World Book Day: pocket-sized books coming to Newhaven Library in March

World Book Day is on 2nd March this year. Take some time to look into the activities, past and present, on the website. They are designed to help you celebrate the fun and joy of reading. The authors and illustrators talk about their books here.

If you develop a reading habit, even ten minutes a day, it can improve your vocabulary, comprehension and understanding in lessons. Try leaving a book next to your bed. You might decide to read it instead of looking at your mobile a few nights a week.

And if you really want to get into the mood for reading, this song might help. The words were re-written for WBD 2021 but you’ll probably recognise the tune.

There is a World Book Day Challenge at the end of this blog.

UNESCO World Book Day Capital 2023

ghana flag

The Ghanaian Flag

*UNESCO also hold a World Book Day – launched on the 23rd April each year. It celebrates the “captivating power of books to spark innovation, generate knowledge and change minds.”
It is also known as International Day of the Book or World Book and Copyright Day.

Each year a new world book day capital is chosen. This year it is the city of Accra in Ghana. Judges say the city has a “strong focus on young people and their potential to contribute to the culture and wealth of Ghana.”

What would you like to see in your neighbourhood? Here are some of the plans for Accra:

  • Introduce mobile libraries to reach marginalized groups
  • Run workshops to promote reading and writing of books in different Ghanaian languages
  • Establish skills and training centres for unemployed young people
  • Organize competitions to showcase Ghanaian arts and culture and promote inclusivity

*UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Earthshot Challenges and Prizes

2022 earthshot prize winners

The 2022 Earthshot Prize winners

Judges for the Earthshot Prizes aim to find new solutions which are helping to move the world towards a stable climate by 2030, a world in which “communities, oceans and biodiversity can thrive in harmony”.

Throughout the decade five winners will be chosen for their ground-breaking solutions to five of the greatest environmental challenges facing our planet. Watch the short trailer to a series of five videos to find out more about some new ideas being developed.

There is an Earthshot Challenge at the end of this blog.

Do you have a 2023 Earthshot Resolution?

What could you do this year to help our planet? These library books might inspire you.


Books on nature, conservation and environment in Newhaven libraries.

Which quote below comes from which book? I have mixed up the order. Use the book detective skills you have developed in the library lessons to study the covers closely. Or click on each image to find out more. You could even look through the books in the library.

If you come to the library and give me the four correct answers, you can claim a lucky dip.

  1. “Shrouded in myth, this legendary predator has been shot, caught and captured by humans for thousands of years.”
  2. “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”
  3. “As a child I was obsessed with animals of every kind. Big, small, feathered or furry, those that swim, walk, fly or slither.”
  4. “Planet Earth is our home – and the home of all known living things”.

Autumn/Winter Challenges

You can pick up a paper copy of this form from the library or use your school Google account to email the answers to me at

World Book Day Challenge

Watch the video of Lenny Henry talking about his book, then answer these questions:

  1. What is the title of Lenny Henry’s book?
  2. Which word does Lenny use to describe the robot in the title of the book? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  3. What is the name of the book illustrator?
  4. What does Lenny Henry have in his right hand in the video?
  5. What does he do with his left hand at the end of the video?

Earthshot Challenge

  1. Follow this link to the winners’ page.
  2. The table below contains the names of the 5 winners. Fill in the prize they were given and the countries they are from. TIP: Click on each winner on the webpage to find the country.
Earthshot PrizeWinnerCountry
Kheyti Farmers
Mukuru Clean Stoves
Indigenous Women of the Great Barrier Reef

Students sending in correct replies can choose one gift prize.

  • A book from the Book Buzz Collection shown at the start of this blog
  • A notebook, pen and pencil combination from the stationery gift collection

Maximum one gift per person
Deadline: Friday 10th March 2023
Open to students from all Newhaven sites, learning at home or at school