Newhaven Book Beats – April 2021

The eight books shortlisted for the 2021 Carnegie Medal

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Carole Oldfield

Which Book is Your Winner?

The CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medals are the UK’s oldest children’s and young people’s book awards. They are judged by librarians who read dozens of books to select a longlist and then a shortlist of outstanding books every year.

Find out more about each book and each author on the Carnegie Greenaway website.

I’ll take a further look at the shortlisted books and authors in the May edition of Book Beats and buy copies for Gardens and Kings Park libraries.

Win a copy of one of the shortlisted books shown (your choice) by emailing me these two sentences with the correct years added.

The Carnegie medal was first awarded in _ _ _ _ . The Kate Greenaway medal was first awarded in _ _ _ _ .

You can find the answers on this webpage.

Rose Robbins: Author and Illustrator

Rose has just sent us two copies of her latest book ‘Loud’ and hopes she can visit Newhaven School again soon. On her last visit in 2019 she held a drawing workshop in the library. Rose’s books are great to read to younger children and thought-provoking for us all.

Growing up with her autistic brother inspired her to write and illustrate her first book, ‘Me and My Sister’. Rose is now an ambassador for Inclusive Minds and writes and draws about neuro diversity issues.

Hear Rose talk about her books and read ‘Loud’:

Listen to Abigail’s song, ‘I just wanna be understood’….. And prepare for an ear worm:

Book Ends but World Book Day continues…

For World Book Day this year Newhaven students and staff took over forty books home to read for themselves and to read aloud to younger children. We now have more free copies available so visit the library and choose another book.

The books are on the World Book Day website. The site is still active and activity-packed.

If you made book ends in Design and Technology this year, email me a photo and choose a gift book from the Carnegie Shortlist shown at the start of this page. We’ll give you a copy to add to your books at home.

If you didn’t make book ends you can still apply. Email me a photo of your home book collection. No matter how big or small, one favourite book or a book shelf full.

book ends    book ends

book ends    book ends

Personalised Book Ends made by KS3 students

Shakespeare’s April Birthday – True or just a good story?

April 23rd is celebrated as Shakespeare’s birthday but the exact date of his birth is not recorded. He was born in 1564 and he died on 23rd April 1616.

His plays are crammed with wild plots and sub-plots. His characters endure bloody battles, deaths by poison, family feuds, problems between siblings, parents and children. Parties, weddings and funerals feature as action-packed dramatic settings.

An estimated 3000 words and expressions that we use today originate in Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets. This quote, for example:

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em.”

To win a Shakespeare graphic novel of your choice email me the answer to these two questions:

  1. Assuming the dates above are correct, how old (years and months) was Shakespeare when he died?
  2. Which Shakespeare play is the quote from?

One of the titles of the books below is the answer to Question 2. An internet search should help you find the correct answer.


Four of Shakespeare’s 37 plays (Or was it more?

Summary – April 2021 Book Beats Giveaways

Email your completed sentences, photographs and answers to me

Win your choice of a book from the Carnegie Shortlist or a graphic novel of a Shakespeare play.

Maximum one gift per person
Deadline: 30th April 2021
Available for students from all Newhaven sites, learning at home or at school

Welcome to the summer term. Happy reading, indoors or outside.