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COVID testing and Teacher Assessed Grades

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Dear Parents,

As usual, I hope this email finds all of you and your families well. I am writing to discuss Covid testing and the Teacher Assessed Grades process.

Re testing, please make sure that your child continues to test at home twice a week as far as this is possible. You should still have some tests at home but if not they can be collected from reception at either Newhaven Gardens or at Newhaven King’s Park. The testing has been very successful in that we haven’t had any cases in school and so haven’t had to close any sections or send anyone home. I hope this carries on.

I’m also writing as I am reluctantly going to have to close the school for a day on the Friday 21st May so we can focus staff time on the Teacher Assessed Grades process. I apologise for any inconvenience this causes. I was worried this might happen when I wrote to you on the 1st April. Despite assurances that this would be a straightforward process, the amount of work required to ensure we follow all the guidelines and get the fairest outcomes for students we can is extremely onerous.

Yours faithfully
Jon Kelly (Headteacher)