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Autism’s Got Talent!

autism's got talent newhaven school

Autism’s Got Talent: Newhaven King’s Park
Wednesday 3rd July 2024 5.30-7.30

The talent show took place in Newhaven Kings Park. It was for people with autism. I sang ‘Flower’s in front of everyone and they were all clapping and cheering me on. It happens that people with autism or disabilities or disorders have talent or even a hobby they are more than capable of. Some people were scared like me but we all got up there and gave it a shot. Some acts were good some were not as good but that didn’t matter because you didn’t have to have just talent you also had to have passion and every one of those students did. Some came up shy or nervous or scared, some did not but at the end we all sang Sweet Caroline together and collected our trophies one by one as they applauded us some more.
King’s Park student: one of the acts

Last night at Kings park school we had a talent show called Autism’s Got Talent! It took place in the hall at 5.30pm. It was decorated with loads of flashy designs and loads of fun balloons. The students involved were Blu Lewis, Gwendolyn Lillian Shere, Lilly Porter, Lilly Wilson, Bailee Lewis and other students from Charlton Park, Woolwich Polytechnic School for Boys, and other schools. This was all set up because of Kathy Kebaili and all the other teachers that helped set up the talent show. It was a great experience and i hope it happens again in the future.
King’s Park student: audience

autism's got talent newhaven school

Last night was great- all of the children were amazing. It was great to see them all enjoying themselves and performing with such confidence. Mt son would never have taken part in anything like this before and it was amazing to see him so comfortable and confident up there and engaging and praising all of his peers. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done and continue to do 😀. Thank you gain for all of the effort you put in to last night. As a parent of a child with SEND, it’s rare that we get to see the special moments that came out of last night’s performance
King’s Park parent

autism's got talent newhaven school

When he came back he was so excited thanks to you and Mrs Murphy. I don’t know how I show my appreciation. Thanks so much and I hope you’re doing it again next year so I can prepare him.
Woolwich Poly parent

Many thanks for organising the show. It was fabulous! Such a great opportunity for our student to be on the stage and show his talents. We all really enjoyed it.
Charlton Park staff

autism's got talent newhaven school

It was a great night, with brilliant performances and lots of chat here today about what an enjoyable evening it had been. We were moved by the support the students gave/received from their peers, parents and the staff (and the audience!).
Hetal Patel: LBG Officer

Our class is still on such a high! What you have done for these students was so lovely Kathy, well done again.
Newhaven King’s Park teacher

autism's got talent newhaven school

It was AMAZING!! I’ve been invited to all sorts of events since starting this job, many of them wonderful but this was my absolute favourite! Can’t wait until next year!
Vicki Cuff: Senior Assistant Director

…the singing of Sweet Caroline at the end was for me such fun with a shared enjoyment from everyone in the room …
Roz Weekes: SEND strategic officer

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