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Advice hubs: Cost of living

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We know the rising cost of living is worrying for many people in Royal Greenwich.

Even with your children back at school, you may still be facing pressures on your finances, that’s why the Council is holding regular Advice Hubs across the borough.

This is a safe space where local people can get benefits and welfare support, as well as advice on managing their finances and council tax support.

Hub locations:

  • The Forum, Trafalgar Road, SE10 9EQ: 10am-12pm (Mondays)
  • Woolwich Clockhouse Community Centre, Woolwich Dockyard, SE18 5QL: 9:30am-12pm (Fridays)
  • Thamesmead Moorings Sociable Club, Arnott Close, SE28 8BG: 9:30am -12:30pm (Wednesdays)
  • Migrant Hub, Woolwich Common Community Centre, Leslie Smith Square, SE18 4DW: 10:30am-1:30pm (Tuesdays)
  • Glyndon Community Centre, Raglan Road, SE18 7LB: 10am-12pm (Thursdays)
  • St Mary’s Community Centre, 180 Eltham High Street, Eltham SE9 1BJ: 10am-12pm (Wednesdays
  • Abbey Wood Community Centre, 4 Knee Hill, Abbey Wood, London SE2 0YS: Every first Tuesday of the month: 6 September, 4 October, 1 November, 6 December 10am to 12noon
  • Greenwich West Community and Arts Centre, 141 Greenwich High Road SE10 8JA: Every second Tuesday of the month: 13 September, 11 October, 8 November, 13 December 10am to 12noon
  • Storkway Children’s Centre, Ridgebrook Road SE3 9QX: Every third Tuesday of the month: 20 September, 18 October, 15 November 10am to 12noon
  • Coldharbour Community Centre, William Barefoot Drive, Coldharbour Estate, London SE9 3JD: Every third Tuesday of the month: 30 August, 20 September, 18 October, 15 November 2pm to 4pm
  • Middle Park Community Centre, 150 Middle Park Avenue, London SE9 5SD: Every fourth Tuesday of the month: 23 August, 27 September, 25 October, 22 November 10am to 12noon

Learn more: royalgreenwich.gov.uk/advicehubs