Management Committee

Newhaven School Management Committee

Our Management Committee is an exceptionally committed team, some of whom have had links with the school and its community for over a decade.

The Committee is made up of elected Staff of the school, parents of former and current students, community members and representatives from Children’s Services. The combined knowledge and experience of those members has enabled them to build up clear understanding of the working of the school as well as the needs of the students and their families.

New members are brought onto the committee because of the additional skills and knowledge that they can bring to support the school and their ability to challenge if the need arises. New and experienced committee members receive regular training and information that enables them to deliver that challenge.

The Committee Members are welcomed in to the school and have a strong presence. As result of that, they are able to forge meaningful working relationships with the staff and where relevant, students, parents and carers.

They can be contacted via the school office or by the email address below.

joseph turner-wing

Joseph Turner-Wing – Chair of the Committee

Appointed by: Management Committee
From: 03/11/2019
To: 03/11/2023
Attendance 2020: 5/6

I was born at the old Greenwich Hospital and have lived in the borough for much of my life since. I have worked at a local primary school for past 15 years. For eight of those years as a member of the Senior Leadership Team leading on; Safeguarding, Behaviour and Pastoral Care. In addition, I lead on the area of School Finance and Human Resources.

I first became a school governor in 2007 and have always enjoyed contributing to education, in particular thinking about how we include those who may be disadvantaged or need to be taught differently in order to achieve success. As Chair of the Management Committee, I am working closely with the Headteacher and his staff to ensure that students always receive a fantastic quality of education.

Dick Quibell – Joint Vice Chair of the Committee

Appointed by: Management Committee
From: 30/04/2017
To: 30/04/2025
Attendance 2020: 6/6

I am a former Councillor in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, and, although retired, work as a part time Maths lecturer at Greenwich University. I have been a school governor almost continuously for 20 years including a long stint as Chair of Governors of a mainstream secondary school.

While serving as a Councillor, I was chair of the Young People’s Scrutiny Panel and led the Council’s work for looked after children. “Through education every young person can get the opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding life. At Newhaven this is a bigger challenge than in most schools, and I am proud to be part of meeting it.”

michele wilson

Michele Wilson – Joint Vice Chair of the Committee

Appointed by: Elected by parents
From: 24/04/2019
Attendance 2020: 6/6

I’ve lived and worked within the Royal Borough of Greenwich for thirty years this year.

I teach in a social, emotional and mental health special primary school locally and have a passion for young people for whom education is difficult to access and participate in for multitudinal reasons.

I have three children who all attend Greenwich schools. After being elected as the staff representative and serving as a governor at my own school for ten years, I stood for parent governor at Newhaven when my son joined the school in 2017.

My areas of interest and expertise are in young people’s mental health and the therapeutic use of the arts to support this. Also positive behaviour management and personal development. In short, helping young people to become the best versions of themselves they can, and supporting the adults working with them to achieve this.

Eileen Glover

Appointed by: Management Committee
From: 04/07/2017
To: 04/10/2021
Attendance 2020: 5/6

I have lived in the Eltham area for many years worked in retail management, law, teaching and the voluntary sector. I have been on the Management Committee of Newhaven School for the last ten years and found engaging with the young pupils very rewarding.

Karen Upton – Parent Committee Member

Appointed by: Management Committee
From: 20/07/2016
To: 15/03/2025
Attendance 2020: 5/6

I am a Greenwich resident and retired GP. I first became a school governor when my children were in education and over the years have developed a strong commitment to education for those who are disadvantaged because they do not fit into the mainstream system. Joining the management committee at Newhaven School allows me to make a contribution to education of a group of young people who I feel need the support which this school makes possible.

nicola wilkes

Nicola Wilkes

Appointed by: Management Committee
From: 20/07/2016
To: 15/03/2025
Attendance 2020: 6/6

I was raised and went to school in Eltham and I am a Community Governor at Newhaven. My children attend Eltham schools. I have a background in Financial Services Regulation and Human Resources and have worked in the industry for over 20 years. I am proud to be on the Management Committee and strongly believe every child should be able to access education to help them achieve their full potential and prepare them for an ever changing and complex world.

Philip Moody

Appointed by: Management Committee
From: 21/02/2018
To: 07/02/2025
Attendance 2020: 6/6

I was born and raised in Woolwich and have lived in Blackheath for over 30 years. I have worked for Newhaven (originally known as GUSS) since 1998. When the service was moved to its current site in 2004 I became the ICT Network Manager. Since 2016 I am also responsible for the school’s additional site, King’s Park Campus. I have been a committee member since 2010.

Sian Davies

Appointed by: Elected by school staff
From: 08/07/2018
To: 08/07/2022
Attendance 2020: 6/6

I have worked at Newhaven School since 2009. I grew up in Woolwich and continue to live within the borough. I take my role as an Art teacher and mentor very seriously. As we largely work with students who have been excluded the work is challenging but very rewarding. I am committed to delivering positive outcomes for all of the young people at Newhaven School and helping to equip them for the next stage of their lives. I have been a committee member since 2014.

jane higgins

Jane Higgins

Appointed by: Elected by parents
From: 08/01/2021
To: 08/01/2023
Attendance 2020: N/A

I have lived in South East London my whole life and in Greenwich borough for five years.

I have a background in education. Throughout my working life I have always worked with children and young people and their families. Firstly, as a play / youth worker, then as a SEN TA before completing my teacher training degree at Goldsmiths College in the early 2000s. I have taught at a number of primary schools in South East London.

I know the value of education, and have always focussed first on the social and emotional needs of the children in my care. I firmly believe that if a child or young person does not feel safe and happy then they will not meet their full potential within or outside of the classroom. I have a strong history of advocating for children and families.

tobi oyedele

Tobi Oyedele

Appointed by: Management Committee
From: 2020
Attendance 2020: 6/6

I have worked in King’s Park since September 2018 and have worked largely with schools in the borough. I work here as an LSA and find this role a very key part in the school’s structure as the role allows us a better opportunity to build strong and close relationships with the students.

Getting to know and work with the students is extremely rewarding as you get to learn each student’s needs and personalities, therefore being able to know how better to support individual students and contribute richly to their development.

I am passionate about the work that I do here and the students and staff I get to support. I have happily been on the Management Committee since 2020.

andrea holland

Andrea Holland

Andrea Holland has been appointed as Parent Governor for Newhaven School

Andrea has a daughter in Year 10-NEST. Andrea is a working professional in the health and social care sector and is currently at University after a career change training to be a health care professional.

She is passionate about communities and feels that we can all feel more supported in life when we feel we are part of a community that gives us a sense of belonging.

Andrea is keen to promote and encourage networking between parents and also creating a support group for parents.

We welcome Andrea to Newhaven.