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Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Newhaven School

I am proud to lead the school and the dedicated, hardworking staff as they work to make genuine changes to young people’s life chances through our vision for the school and aims as to how we achieve it.


Newhaven School works hard to be a caring, trauma informed community where young people are kept safe, supported as individuals, taught the skills they need and challenged to become successful adults with dreams to realise.


How we work to achieve our vision:

Trust: our students often struggle to trust adults due to traumatic experiences in their lives and difficulties with the education system where things have gone wrong. We aim to rebuild this trust through trauma, neurodivergence and equity informed practice, making everyone feel safe, stress reduction, psychological thinking, trusted adults and student voice.

Restore: we recognise that things go wrong for everyone and our success is measured by how we deal with this. Through our curriculum and behaviour and relationships policy in particular, we aim to give our students the skills they need to restore and resolve things when they go wrong. We have a particular focus on social communication skills and emotional regulation.

Achieve: like all schools we aim for our students to achieve as highly as possible. For us, this means in traditional exams and courses but also life skills and experiences that will support them in moving on to education, training and employment and developing and maintaining rich relationships through their lives.