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Newhaven Outcomes 2022-23

  • 90% of students got English and Maths qualifications.
  • Level 2 qualifications were down in the core GCSEs which related to prior attainment and increasing complexity of need in the cohort.
Y11 Main Cohort : Core Analysis Total %
English Qual 37 90%
English 4+ 9 22%
Maths Qual 37 90%
Maths 4+ 6 15%

In English, the number of students on target was 60%, down from 69% last year and 82% pre pandemic. Maths followed a similar pattern at a lower level with 50% on target, down from 57% last year and 67% pre pandemic. Science GCSE managed 20% on target, up from 14% last year and down from 83% pre pandemic. BTEC Sci outcomes were 82% were on target with 90% last year and 87% in 2019.

Art GCSE continued to secure outstanding results all students on target apart from one who achieved a grade 3.

Food continued to deliver outstanding results. Sport BTEC had two students not on track.

There was no Performing Arts cohort this year. The 1 child who opted for it did not complete the course.

Two students were also entered for Spanish GCSE. One exceeded their target grade, securing a level 2 despite never having written formally before and only having 3 months to prepare.

% On Target for 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
English 82% 81% 86% 69% 63%
Maths 67% 69% 52% 57% 50%
Science 83% 71% 17% 14% 20%
Art 100% 100% 93% 100% 92%
% On Target for 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
BTEC Science 87% 100% 100% 90% 82%
BTEC Food 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
BTEC Sport 100% 77% 92% 67% 67%
BTEC Perf Arts 100% NA 100% 100% NA

6th form outcomes

The sixth form had small numbers of students entering formal exams as for many of them the focus of the year was to prepare for leaving as the already had a suite of qualifications appropriate for their next steps. All of the leavers have secure placements in education and training. Outstanding results were achieved in English with 4/5 students meeting or exceeding their target grades despite being a cohort who had struggled with English in year 11 at Newhaven and elsewhere. Good results were also achieved in stats and Art for small cohorts.

6th form outcomes

Outcomes by category

Girls had better outcomes than boys relating to target grades in all subjects except for Food where all students entered achieved a level 2. This relates to individual students showing that girls generally had better attendance, engagement and higher reading ages. An exception to this is maths where another factors must have been at play. Maths are targeting boys for additional support earlier this year.

Students with EHCPs made up 17% of the cohort and did better in English, Art and Sport than those without. In other subjects they were equal. This was due to the targeted support these students had through their review process.

Ethnic minority students achieved broadly in line with white British students although they did do significantly better in Maths and Art (100% exceeded their target grade in Art- an outstanding achievement).

Pupil premium students did better in subjects where the whole cohort did better (such as Eng, Sci BTEC, Art, Food, Sport) and worse in the subjects where the cohort did not do as well (Maths and Sci GCSE). Drilling down revealed no patterns so efforts in these two subjects will be used to improve outcomes for all PP students.

Newhaven School Exam Results