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Welcome to the ICT Department

Welcome to the ICT Department. Information and Communication Technology focuses on the creative and productive use and application of technology and computer systems, especially in organisations. We take ICT to also include Information Technology, Applied ICT, Digital Literacy and Skills, and e-safety, across the curriculum. The study of ICT is hugely important to industry and the economy, and the skills developed through the study of the subject are increasingly sought after.

Key Stage 3 ICT Curriculum

Through the ICT and Computing curriculum students will learn how to solve problems when things go wrong, how to think logically and critically, and to recognise the impact that technology has on the world around us.

ICT is taught for two periods per week. The ICT department delivers the National Curriculum in exciting and innovative ways, taking advantage of the wide range of software and equipment available.‚Äč We teach Digital literacy, online safety (this includes how to use social media safely), the impact of ICT on society, modelling, data handling and graphic and website development.