Performing Arts at Newhaven School

The Performing Arts department delivers exciting and dynamic opportunities for our students to create, perform and respond to theatre. In Performing Arts, all students are encouraged to perform and to improve their self-confidence.

The Department ensures a safe and supportive environment in which to do this. We also promote creative, imaginative and team work skills during lessons which will benefit students in all areas of their academic and social lives. In Performing Arts, students develop evaluation skills and learn to feedback to others in a supportive manner.

In addition, students explore social issues in the world today and attempt to develop their own opinions and beliefs. Students are taught theatre skills which allow them to express their beliefs as well as create performances that they feel proud of.

What we learn – Key Stage 3 Curriculum: Performing Arts

 Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Year 7 & Year 8Introduction to DramaMelodramaShakespeare’s MacbethShakespeare’s MacbethDarkwood ManorDevising
Year 9Introduction to DramaExploring Justice / Derek BentleyShakespeare’s Romeo and JulietTheatre of the AbsurdHorror GenreKensuke’s Kingdom

What we learn – Key Stage 4 Curriculum: BTEC First Award in Performing Arts

 Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Year 10Unit 3: Acting Skills – Explorative strategiesUnit 3: Acting Skills – Working with scriptsUnit 3: Acting Skills
Devising project
Unit 3: Acting Skills Devising projectUnit 3: Acting Skills
Unit 3: Acting Skills
Scripted performance
Year 11Unit 3: Acting Skills – Explorative strategiesUnit 1: Individual ShowcaseUnit 1: Individual ShowcaseUnit 2: Preparation and PerformanceUnit 2: Preparation and PerformanceUnit 3: Acting Skills
Scripted performance

What students say

I can’t believe all the praise I have received since my performance sir. When am I performing next?

Drama has been hard work sir, but it has been ‘real’ and ‘comedy'.

What can I do with Performing Arts?

Performing Arts encourages effective teamwork and develops confidence as well as performance skills. Students will work imaginatively and creatively in collaborative contexts, generating, developing and communicating ideas.

These skills are very much desired by companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook. However, there are also professions that are directly related such as an actor, community arts worker, drama therapist, theatre director, arts administrator, TV presenter and a film director.