Mathematics at Newhaven School

The mathematics department at Newhaven provides our students with engaging lessons aimed to challenge, stretch and inspire the next generation’s mathematicians. As a key GCSE subject, we explore all areas of mathematics and equip our students with strong numerical and problem-solving skills which can be applied in their everyday lives. 

Our aim is to give students the chance to express and develop their thinking in lessons where learning is a student-centred process that involves everyone. As a department, we focus on pupil progress to ensure each student fulfils their mathematical potential and is able to gain meaningful maths qualifications. 

At Newhaven we deliver the Edexcel GCSE curriculum at Higher and Foundation levels. We also offer Functional Skills qualifications to all students which means that students have the opportunity to gain more than one maths qualification. We have a good mixture of experienced and young teachers in our team who strive to teach high quality lessons that focus on teaching and learning and bringing maths to life for our students.


newhaven maths class

Cross curricular Maths at Newhaven

Fossil hunting at the Isle of Sheppy

Maths in the snow

Symmetry in the water

What we learn – Key Stage 3 Curriculum: Mathematics

 Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Year 7Core Number ANumber BAlgebraic Thinking AAlgebraic Thinking BGeometry and MeasuresInvestigations,
Problem Solving &
Year 8Core Number A1Number B1Algebraic Thinking A1Algebraic Thinking A1Geometry and Measures A1Investigations,
Problem Solving &
Reasoning A1
Year 9Core Number A2Number B2Algebraic Thinking A2Algebraic Thinking A2Geometry and Measures A2Investigations,
Problem Solving &
Reasoning A2

What we learn – Key Stage 4 Curriculum: Mathematics

 Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Year 10Number 1
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Geometry 1
Statistic 1
Geometry 2
Statistic 2
Algebra 3
Number 2
Measures 1
Algebra 4
Measures 2
Geometry 3
Algebra 5
Geometry 4

Year 11Number 1
Algebra 1
Problem Solving
Algebra 2
Geometry 1
Statistics 1
Geometry 2/3/4
Statistic 2
Algebra 3/4/5
Measures 1/2
Exam PreparationExamsExams

What we learn – Key Stage 5 Curriculum: Mathematics

At Newhaven School we offer students who have not yet achieved a GCSE Grade 9-4 in maths, the opportunity to join our 6th Form where we are fortunate to have small class sizes and can provide above average intervention and support to our students.

Depending on each student’s individual ability and circumstances, the course is delivered over either one or two years. All students are expected to gain Maths Functional Skills qualifications in addition to GCSE.

What students say

Small class sizes are very good as we get one to one support. Maths is one of those subjects that starts hard but gets easy when teachers here show us how to do it.


I love how my teacher is able to give me time to understand maths properly.


I could never do maths before I came to Newhaven but now it’s my favourite subject.


I’ve learnt more here than I ever did in my previous school.


What can I do with maths?

  • Numeracy for life – practical maths
  • Analyse
  • Problem solve
  • Creative
  • Encryption
  • Programming