Newhaven School Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance

Key Staff Lead Co-ordinator for CEIAG (AHT) Tania Peach

CEIAG Lead – Management Committee Nicola Wilkes

Work Related Learning Co-ordinator Paige Crosby


At Newhaven we recognise the important contribution that CEIAG makes to the education of all of our students in order that they make a successful transition from school to further education and employment. In line with the Gatsby benchmarks, Newhaven provides a range of opportunities for students to learn about the world of work, the skills required for work and the pathways available to them. Effective CEIAG increases participation in learning which, in turn, raises attainment and supports further progression. Newhaven provides targeted and timely guidance for all of our students, with an enhanced level of support for those seen as being particularly vulnerable to leaving us without a place in further education or employment. The CEIAG programme at Newhaven builds in flexibility to accommodate all pupils, regardless of the point in their school career that they join us.

Purposes & Aims

The main purpose of CEIAG is to provide students with the opportunity to engage in a range of activities that will contribute to their knowledge and understanding of the world of work and the qualification pathways suitable for their individual needs. Newhaven is committed to not just fulfilling its statutory requirements in this area but providing exceptional support and guidance for students throughout their time with us.

We will achieve this through:

  • Embedding opportunities throughout the school that help raise motivation and attainment
  • Guiding students to follow aspirational courses that are appropriate to their needs and interests Improving understanding of the world of work and how it relates to their current learning
  • Offering a responsive and flexible programme that allows time for comprehensive, unbiased guidance for all pupils
  • Actively promoting equality of opportunity
  • Empowering students to plan and manage their own futures

Methods to ensure successful transition to further education and employment include:

  • Curating and continuously developing a curriculum for all key stages that directly relates to the world of work, including PSHE modules, Work Related Learning and Work Skills qualifications Providing a range of opportunities that enhance the curriculum, such as links in SOW to real-world application of learning, learning outside of the classroom and enterprise projects
  • Arranging visits to colleges, link courses and taster days
  • Promoting an awareness of the world of work through visitors from industry, especially those who have a particular understanding of our students’ needs
  • Face to face guidance with a qualified independent Careers Guidance practitioner for KS4 and 5 pupils
  • Providing informed and impartial guidance at assemblies, parent’s evenings, careers fairs and college visits
  • KS4 and 5 work experience programme tailored to each individual pupil
  • Developing students’ personal and social skills related to the world of work
  • Encouraging and enabling students to make considered decisions in regard to future choices. Supporting students to manage transitions such as the change from school to college or to apprenticeships within the workplace
  • Developing and maintaining effective links with key partners including the Royal Borough of Greenwich guidance service, the Department for Work and Pensions, local school and college networks and parents/carers

The management and co-ordination of the various aspects of CEIAG is led, primarily, by the Head Teacher, supported by a link governor, the Senior Leadership Team, senior teachers and the CEIAG Administrator. Pastoral Managers, mentors and subject teachers are responsible for identification and delivery of work related learning elements within schemes of work and individual student’s action plans.

Review Process

Each academic year the Newhaven Senior Leadership Team will review and develop the Newhaven CEIAG policy and practise as an explicit aspect of the School Development Plan. Central to this development is a dialogue with all of our key partners, including the analysis of leavers’ data produced by the Early Help department of RBG.

The lead co-ordinator for CEIAG at Newhaven School is Tania Peach, Assistant Head Teacher. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions relating to CEIAG.