Assessment Centre

Welcome to the Assessment Centre

When students are admitted to Newhaven there can be quite a few things we don’t know about them: what they like and dislike, what they’re good at and what they may need help with. We therefore assess every pupil academically, behaviourally and emotionally in order to create a current holistic view of them. The assessment centre has very close links with several external agencies and help and advice is taken from those agencies who are either already working with the student or are introduced to them at the Assessment Centre.

Typical day

Structured differently to the rest of the school (which is 9am – 230pm), pupils attend the assessment centre either from 9am to 12pm, or 12pm to 2:30pm. Each session has a break with food available. Lessons are run by subject specific teachers in a small accessible environment. Work is highly differentiated with lots of opportunities for 1:1 support and question and answer time with their teachers. Below is the timetable students in the assessment centre currently follow:

Next steps

The pupils stay at the Assessment Centre for approximately 5-6 weeks. Students may then move to a variety of schools including the main Newhaven building, the Annexe and Mainstream schools in the borough. Decisions around the most appropriate educational setting are taken by assessment centre staff, external agencies, students and parents.