AHOY Project

One of our more popular learning programmes built into the timetable is the AHOY Project. This is aimed to build resilience, team work and life skills that are transferable in all walks of life.

The course consists of three main components:

Component 1

  • Preparation and painting
  • Basic carpentry skills
  • Repairing and maintaining boats
  • Use of materials and products
  • Design
  • Work experience

Component 2

  • Rowing
  • The importance of being fit and having a healthy diet
  • How to set up and use an indoor rowing machine
  • The importance of warming up and warming down – introduction to good rowing posture
  • The body physiology of a high intensity cardiovascular activity
  • Heart rate monitoring and how physical activity age and gender affect heart rate – heart recovery times
  • Cardiovascular system; anaerobic, aerobic activity and how it works. How to see witness it and how to improve it

Component 3

  • Working and training together as a team
  • Meeting people form many walks of life
  • Improve social and communication skills – respect for others
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • The opportunity to gain qualification whilst at AHOY – (sailing, rowing and power boat licence)

The project has proved very successful with students thoroughly enjoying the experience whilst taking in these invaluable skills.

This is run over the whole of the academic year with the main goal to completely build a fully functioning rowing boat as a team to be rowed on the Thames, which they will then use to compete against other schools taking part in the project.

Overall the experience has proven to improve students communication and problem solving skills, build confidence and keep health and fitness a priority.