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Free meals for kids during school holidays
Royal Greenwich is ensuring that regular meals are provided for children and young people within the borough during the school holidays, through funding the Holiday Meals mobile kitchen.
Meals are served at multiple locations across the borough, meaning that nutritious meals are readily available and families continue to receive support outside of school term time.
Summer Holiday 2020
Coldharbour Adventure Playground
The Course, SE9 3JB
Monday and Thursday
Glyndon Adventure Play
Elmley St, SE18 7NN
Monday and Wednesday
Meridian Adventure Playground
Thames Street, SE10 9BX
Tuesday and Thursday
Plumstead Adventure Playground
Blendon Terrace, SE18 7RS
Tuesday and Thursday
Woolwich Adventure Playground
Pett Street, SE18 5NZ
Thursday and Friday
Woolwich Library
35 Wellington Street, SE18 6HQ
Monday to Friday 
Children under 10 must be accompanied at the youth clubs and children under six will need to be accompanied at the adventure playgrounds.
Holiday Meals is commissioned by Royal Greenwich and delivered by Greenwich Co-operative Development Agency (GCDA), supported by partners GS PlusCharlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT)  and Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL), who also part fund the project. Contact for more information: Tel: 020 8269 4880  Email:


Important Information Regarding Return to School in September & 

Young Greenwich & Charlton Athletic Free Summer Camps



Dates for September:


Wednesday Sept 2nd

Staff Only INSET Day

Thursday Sept 3rd

Staff Only INSET Day

Friday Sept 4th

Review Meetings

Monday Sept 7th

School starts at 9am


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End of Year            Young Greenwich            CAFC Summer Camp



15th July 2020


Dear year 11 and 6th form leavers and parents/carers,

By now you should have received your leaver’s packs and I’d like to once again take the opportunity to send you my best wishes. You can see SLT greetings by clicking here        Mr Kelly        Ms Wilkes        Ms Peach



You will be able to collect your results and certificates from the school on Thursday 20th August by coming to the Newhaven gardens site at the allocated time. Times are allocated so we can maintain social distancing while you are at the school



The times are:

10-11:   Gardens student surnames   A-B

11-12:   Gardens student surnames   C-R

12-1:     Gardens student surnames   S-W and King’s park students



Please arrive at your allocated time to avoid any problems allocating your results. We will also have staff available to support you with the next steps of your college application if necessary.


Yours faithfully,


Jon Kelly





Information for Year 11 & 6th Form Leavers


Year 11 & 6th Form Information




Advice for Help with Financial, Food and Housing Concerns



Hardship        Food & Financial        Housing & Financial








Dear parents, carers, students and friends,


I am writing to let you know that Newhaven School is appalled and outraged by the murder of George Floyd and stand in solidarity with our students, their families and all those across the world who are angry, distressed and grieving for his loss.


As a school, we are committed to equality for all and the Black Lives Matter movement is important to us because there are members of our community who continue to suffer racism and brutality. Some people will say that all lives matter and of course they do. We recognise that many of our community suffer from prejudice because of their social class, sexuality, gender, disability and a range of other characteristics. However, not all lives are affected and endangered by individual and systemic racism and to say ‘all lives matter’ at this time undermines the serious impact of racism in our society today. We know that Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people are more likely to be excluded from school, stopped and searched, imprisoned, are less likely to be found in higher paid jobs and powerful positions and more likely to die of Covid-19 than white people. We know that this is a legacy of hundreds of years of slavery and imperialism and despite the progress that has undoubtedly occurred since I grew up in 1970s London, we still have a long way to go.


As a school, we have been working on our curriculum and our systems to ensure that they teach our students about the world and give them the knowledge they need to effectively fight racism where they can. We are also closely examining our own systems and processes to ensure that we challenge and minimise our own institutional racism.


I am also aware that many of you will have difficult conversations about racism with your children at this time and so I have included some links as well as some other resources you may find useful.


Further Information:






General articles:


Black Lives Matter -


Reading list -


Systemic Racism -


Clara Amfo anti-racism speech praised –


Alison Hammond -


What you can do


Charities -


Donations -




Petitions -



Finally, to repeat that as a school and a collective of individuals, Newhaven is committed to fight against racism and stands in solidarity with all those around the world who suffer racism and all those who oppose it. Please contact me through the school website or by phone if you would like to discuss this further.


Yours Faithfully,


Jon Kelly



Update 01/06/20
Dear parents and carers,


Plans for phased reopening of Newhaven from Tuesday 9th June 2020


I hope you are all well. If you are anything like me, you will have been feeling quite confused by all the messages in the media and on social media about schools going back and what's safe and what isn't safe. I will try and keep this message as simple as possible but I'm afraid it is quite complicated. If you are not clear on anything then please talk to your child's mentor or tutor.




We are aiming to get all students back in so that they can be settled into school over the next 6 weeks and really ready to go in September. We will also try to keep school as safe as we possibly can. This means different things for different year groups in different sites. There is more detail below and you will recieve an individual timetable for your child either with this letter or in the next couple of days.




We have completed detailed risk assessments and are changing things in a number of ways to make them safer but I cannot guarantee that students will social distance at all times and I cannot guarantee that no-one will become infected with Covid-19 while they are in school. The decision to send your child back to school ultimately rests with you and there will be no legal repercussions if you decide not to send your child back. If you have been shielding because of your child or another's underlying health need then you must continue to do so.


I do, however, feel that it is safe enough and that the risks are very low. We have been open for most of the time since February and have had very few people with symptoms for the last 6 weeks and no confirmed cases of Covid 19 over this period that I am aware of. We are also excited and looking forward to seeing your child in school. 


I also ask that you make sure that you do not send your child to school if they develop Covid-19 symptoms (cough, temperature, loss of taste/smell) and get them a test. If any student or member of staff tests positive, then we will be asking all people who have had significant contact (within 2m for 15 minutes or more) to go home and self isolate for 14 days. 


We are timetabling and grouping students so that they are in contact with the smallest number of people possible in school and have introduced significant cleaning processes and protocols into school. Again, if you have any questions about safety then please talk to your child's tutor or mentor or call the school to talk to a pastoral manager or one of the leadership team.




School will be closed for an INSET day on 8th June so we can make sure that staff are ready for new routines and to provide the care and attention that your children deserve.


All students will be scheduled for between 1 and 3 days each week (depending on age, school campus and current need) except for year 11s at gardens/NEST. You will receive individual timetables either in this letter or soon after. Please have a look through them and check in with us if you need to. If you are a key worker or students vulnerabilities mean they need to be in school, then they will have access to school for 5 days a week. 


Year 11s at gardens or NEST will not be scheduled any more time in school but will be invited in for support as necessary where they have not yet secured anything for next year. We will also be organising a celebration of achievement in late Julne/early July and of course you will be invited in to get exam results on 20th August.


School will be from 10-2.30. This is to help students and staff who travel by public transport to avoid peak times. Students with key worker parents will be able to be in from 9 if necessary.

We will stop making weekly phone calls to you if you're child is in school but are always available if you need us. Students at home will still be expected to complete on line work.

School meal vouchers: we will continue to pay these for as long as we can. It will stop when the government withdraw their guarantee to continue funding them. At that point we will talk to you again about next steps.

School Uniform is returning! We will expect students to be back in school uniform from the 9th. 




I am hopeful that this will all be  good until the end of term in July but it is very difficult to tell. The government may review guidance at any point and we will review the situation at least every two weeks. I'll let you know if anything changes.

Finally, please look after yourselves and stay safe.

Yours faithfully,



Jon Kelly (Headteacher)


Please Click the Link Below for TimeTables for Gardens, NEST & KP Students for the next 2 Weeks






Safeguarding Policy Update: Coronavirus Appendix March 2020
Online Safety Reminder

Dear parents/carers,


At the moment we are asking our students to spend even more time on line with all the risks that this brings. I've therefore put some links in for you and your child to look at with some quick internet safety activities on them. These all come from the website which has lots of resources for parents and young people and the chance to report anything worrying.  Please also remmebr that if you are worried about the safety of your child online you should speak to your child's mentor or tutor, phon or email the school and we will be able to offer advice and support.



15 minute online safety activities for students aged 14+:



15 minute online safety activities for students aged 14+:


Yours Faithfully,

Jon Kelly (Headteacher)




Access Home Cooked Meals
Letter from the Head Teacher

20th March 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

I am writing to update you on the latest position of Newhaven in response to the current Coronavirus situation and the nationwide closure of schools. Thanks so much for your patience, it has been challenging to plan our way forward in the ever changing medical and political landscape. More details of are available here

As a school where most of our students are in the vulnerable category as defined by the government (having EHCPs or being known to social services) as well as a number whose parents are key workers, we intend to stay open for all students who are not ill or self-isolating. There are three plans that we are working through:

Plan A: Continue to be open as usual. This is our current phase and if possible we will stay open as usual until the Easter holiday. If you and your child are self-isolating, we will provide work and activities online and begin to make daily contact with you to check you are all ok during next week.

Plan B: Complete school closure if we reach a point where the school cannot function due to lack of staff. This may happen before Easter if staff shortages reach a point where we cannot operate safely. It may also happen after Easter during plan C but we are hopeful that this will not be the case.  We currently have 22 staff self- isolating or ill. During this time you and your child will be contacted daily to see how you are and if there are any concerns. Full guidance on accessing work on line and other support will be emailed or posted to you imminently.

Plan C: Part open: this will be for the long term and will enable your children to attend school each day but for a shorter period of time. The school will be open from 9-1.30 each day and provide academic classes, activities, food and support for students. Full timetables and further details will be issued to you in due course.

Re year 11 GCSE and BTEC groups. We await the government announcement scheduled for today on how the exams will be assessed and will then plan to make sure students have the best possible chance of getting the highest possible grades. It may be that they need to come in for particular sessions to finish BTEC and other coursework, to provide work we can use as evidence if we are giving grades or to prepare for any exams that may come later on. 

You will have been telephoned on Thursday or Friday to discuss details of the above. If you have not received this call or have any other questions then please contact the school through your normal route. I would like to finish by saying how impressed I have been with your children when they have been in school this week. During these stressful times, they have shown remarkable resilience and school has generally been a calm and purposeful place. I would also like to thank all the staff for their continued dedication and hard work.

Yours faithfully,


Jon Kelly

Head Teacher






Emergency contact details for you and your child.


If shut during term time Newhaven will be operating an enquiry/ support line during the following hours 10am-12pm on 0208 859 3114. Please do not hesitate to ring us.


Other emergency numbers include:

Greenwich Children’s Services 020 8454 8888

NHS – ring NHS 111 for advice

CAMHs duty lines-

Bexley CAMHS 020 3260 5200

Greenwich CAMHS 020 3260 5211

Lewisham CAMHS 020 7138 1250


Web based support for young people, Parents and Carers – headscape is a web based programme which gives info/advice/helpful things to download re psychological health – information and advice for young people and parents/carers – 16plus online supportive community – advice for young women 13-19yo  and 0800 1111 – online counselling service and advice line





Newhaven receive Autism Education Trust Award


Kings Park are delighted to have gained the Autism Education Trust award, in recognition of the high quality provision in place for our students. The award recognises excellence in four key areas - meeting the needs of the individual pupil, building relationships, curriculum and learning and creating effective environments. Standards were assessed and met in all four categories, with evidence being collated from across all aspects of school life. This has been the culmination of a 2 year journey, where we have evaluated our provision and practise across all areas of school life - gathering evidence from all members of our community, especially the students. The award celebrates the extent to which our good practise is now embedded within our daily practise, enabling  our young people to develop positive peer relationships, actively engage in learning with enjoyment and have high hopes and aspirations for their future.




Dear Parents/Carers,
As you already know, Newhaven had its four yearly Ofsted inspection on the 20th-21st November. I am really pleased with the report as I think it sums us up just right and really gives a flavour of the Newhaven School community. I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the parents that were involved with the inspection. Your comments and support were really touching. I'd also like to thank the students as they were, as usual, a credit to themselves, you and the school. I have enclosed a copy of the report for you to read and have to say it is a real vindication of what we are trying to achieve with the school. Finally, I have to say thank you to the staff. Their understanding and care for your children combined with their dedication to Newhaven and hard work are making this all possible. Please get in touch if you want to discuss anything in the report.
Yours Sincerely,


Jon Kelly (Headteacher)

OFSTED Final Report

Curriculum Guide and Options Booklets

Please Look at This Link

London Needs You Alive


Head’s Welcome

Hello and welcome to Newhaven School. This is an exciting and dynamic place to learn and work where we aim for all our students to gain the skills, attributes and experiences that prepare them for genuine opportunities in life. Having worked in a wide range of schools including mainstream and special, I truly believe that the work we do here makes a massive difference to our students’ futures, giving them a genuine chance to follow their dreams and realise their ambitions.

Through the breadth of our curriculum and our focus on non-academic attributes alongside the traditional subjects taught, Newhaven School offers a supportive environment for our young people to overcome the barriers to learning that have brought them here and to develop their talents so they can take full advantage of their skills and abilities. Our focus on bespoke support and the dedication of our staff working together means that our student’s develop their voice, gain a keen sense of right and wrong and the ability to argue for their rights whilst recognising their responsibilities as fully participating members of society.

Central to all this is supporting our students to develop the skills they need to develop healthy, happy relationships. Through team building, co-operation and collaboration with others, young people at Newhaven maximise their potential as social human beings, understanding the needs of others whilst recognising the importance of listening as much as building the confidence to communicate positively with those they meet at home, school and in the wider community.

To these ends, we are a ‘thinking’ school who always try to understand what is going on for our young people before we decide on how to act. We work closely with external professionals and have our own multi-disciplinary team comprising Educational psychology, Clinical Psychology, Speech and Language therapy, Art therapy, Music therapists and our police officer, which assists staff and students with all manner of challenges and difficulties. We also work closely with a range of external agencies such as children’s services and Camhs.

Newhaven is a place where we seek to make all our students and their families welcome, where we can laugh and cry together and where, whatever the situation, we will always do our best to get it right and get the right outcomes for our young people. I am immensely proud of our successes over the six years I have worked here be it a student learning to put things right for the first time or speaking in public about their lives, from sitting their first exam ever to getting the grades they need for college or a training place.

I hope you find all the information that you are looking for in these pages but if not, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.


Jon Kelly (Headteacher)

Please email:






Radio 5 Live Broadcast Live From Newhaven

Listen to our Students, Staff and Parents discuss their thoughts and feelings about our School.

SENCO Contact Details
How To Receive Paper Copies of Documents

If you require any paper copies of Documents or Policies found on our Website, please use the contact details below for each Individual School