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To be anti-racist means to stand up against racial inequity. Taking action, promoting social justice, taking race into account and having respect for human dignity are all ways of standing up against it. You don’t have to be perfect to be anti-racist, everyone makes mistakes, just notice your mistake and correct it. It’s important to educate yourself on racism, how it works and the different types so you can call it out as soon as you see it.

Atlas Nightingale

A warm welcome from the Headteacher

Hello and welcome to Newhaven School!

This is an exciting and dynamic place to learn and work where we aim for all our students to gain the skills, attributes and experiences that prepare them for genuine opportunities in life.

It is a place where we celebrate the diversity of our students and their families and work hard to ensure that we are an inclusive community.

Having worked in a wide range of schools including mainstream and special, I truly believe that the work we do here makes a massive difference to our students’ futures, giving them a genuine chance to follow their dreams and realise their ambitions.

Newhaven School supports students with a diverse range of needs across the Royal Borough of Greenwich

We are hugely proud of the staff, resources and pupils across our four varied sites. Please click on the relevant site below to find out more important information that will be helpful to you.

Newhaven Gardens

King's Park Campus

Educational Support Team

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Interested in joining us?

The senior management team at Newhaven are looking to appoint a conscientious and enthusiastic team of dynamic, innovative teachers and support staff to join our team on their journey to improve the school and its outcomes for students.

We take pride in being a really friendly, supportive and innovative workplace and we are committed to offering colleagues the opportunity to develop long lasting careers with us.

We look forward to receiving your application and the successful candidate will join the team of staff at our school who are determined to give our students the best opportunities possible to become successful, responsible citizens with bright futures.

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