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Head's Welcome

Hello and welcome to Newhaven’s new and improved website. We hope you agree that our new website compliments and mirrors the recent improvements across the school as a whole.

Newhaven is a complex organisation that provides personalised education and support to students who for a variety of reasons are not accessing mainstream education. We believe in providing opportunities for students to become independent and well-rounded individuals ready to embrace all that life has to offer, removing the barriers to learning that have hindered their progress up to now.

Having experienced a wide range of educational settings including special and mainstream secondary schools, I am fully committed to special education, equality and diversity. Through my work with a wide variety of students I have developed an unswerving belief in an educational system that celebrates each individual’s worth and achievements regardless of ability. I am fully committed to ensuring that all children, whatever their backgrounds and barriers to learning, are given every opportunity to achieve their potential and become valued members of our society. I refuse to accept that students who have failed or been failed by the mainstream education system cannot achieve academically and become fully functioning members of society.

Our ongoing drive to improve outcomes for our students has seen a vast improvement in GCSE qualifications over the past three years (see exams page for a summary), testament to the quality of staff we employ and their determination for our students to succeed.

I hope you enjoy our website and find everything you may be looking for. Should you have any unanswered questions do not hesitate to contact me.


Martyn Patterson


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